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About Us:
Purpose Runners Foundation

About Us

We started with the single Purpose of deliver hope and actions to kids with motor disabilities, microcephaly and critical illness, and help they families on their journey with the diseases. Purpose Runners is a non-profit organization that a purpose is promoting sports activities, through running, introducing a healthy lifestyle to a better, safe and heathy community And as a result of our events we will raise money to assist the treatment of children with motor deficiency microcephaly and cancer.

Purpose Runners, it’s for everyone, runners run lovers, and for good people who likes to contribute in some way to a better world. We are an organization without borders where everyone is welcome and everyone can contribute in some way, our commitment is with running and through t to be ab e to help our community in first and families with children who suffer or need some assistance in their fight with the disabilities, microcephaly and critical illness.

Our assistance is global and personalized case by case, we will assist families indicated by our own community members or by our search, everyone is welcome to refer a child that need our support and love.We will assist kids and they families and programs that meet our mission statement. We will working in a community near you or halfway anywhere in the world with the commitment to honor our mission.

Our Mission

Purpose Runner s Foundation is a a 501(c)(3) non-profit Sports Organization based in Newark, NJ; whose mission is motivate and inspire people for a healthy life through running, exercise, fitness and promote events to raise funds to help and improve quality of life and hope to children with motor disabilities, microcephaly and cancer.

Our Vision

We wish to grown into a International Running Organization that serves thousands of runners and children in the USA and around the globe each year Encourage kids who overcome difficult circumstances, complicated surgery to debilitating injures, homelessness, microcephaly, disabilities, cancer and abuse We look to the future with generosity, volunteering, supporting, giving, health, safe and hope in actions.

How We Work

We deliver hope and results.

Support our work. Together we can help children in need.

We will working in a community near you or halfway anywhere in the world with the commitment to honor our mission.

We will provide assistance and help them with they journey with diseases and help the community to get moor health, safe and accessible

Th s is a family to family organization network that gives support through a one to one, connected with every family on they journey with those diseases.

Have fun Running with us or double your impact donating and help us to raise money that will giving hope for so many kids.

You can choose Run, Donate Or Volunteer and you will see the smiles or read the stories.

Take Action

There are many ways to support Purpose Runners Foundation


Individuals and organizations can contribute to our Organization help children s with motor disabilities, microcephaly and cancer research by making a donation.

Those donations can be designated to support the areas of greatest need, to support our grateful organization, and programs disease-oriented that will focus on children’s and their families, that meet our mission statement.


Purpose Runners utilizes volunteers in the management of our events and outreach. If you are interested in joining our community of volunteers, please contact our events team for more details and information about volunteer opportunities.


Gift cards are a simple and very helpful way to assist patient families. They are versatile and allow the family to choose the supplies they need or gifts that they want. Please donate gift cards in increments of $20 or greater


Through Purpose Runners, individuals and teams run, walk, ride and fundraise while participating in events from 5Ks to marathons to bike r des. Other events include annual Track and Field tournaments and the Annual Gala Convention.


Purpose Runners welcomes donations in memory or honor of a friend or loved one.

Acknowledgments for these gifts are sent to the family of the individual being honored.


Additional opportunities to support Purpose Runners include: Donate a car, boat or RV, purchase merchandises participate in virtual race events and giving programs, and gifts of stock or property, gift cards.


In addition to a letter of thanks, individuals and organizations who give in support of the work of Purpose Runners can also be recognized in a variety of ways. Recognition on permanent, prominently-displayed donor scrolls placed in our home center begins at $2,500.

A Note From The Founder

Flavio Desouza is a former Runner, due to a work accident he can’t run anymore.

Father of an extraordinarily blessed daughter, Sophia. [SophiaRunSophia) Husband of a devoted lovely wife Bianca, and parent of the extraordinary kids Joaquim[cerebral palsy) and Caio[microcephaly).

Flavio is a passionate running enthusiast that live his whole life with a commitment to runners, running and serving as a volunteer in so many events. The desire to help people and contribute to a better world was always present in his life, even when he lived in Brazil [fifteen years ago) he created a project that cared for children in need and integrated them with society through running events He also maintained projects for collecting food and clothing for kindergartens and nursing homes Since arriving in America Flavio had the desire to continue his work here on American soil.

Ever always busy in many activities and jobs never had time to work on the cause, it was until in 2015 an accident at work changed the course of history, now limited and unable to run and compete and with more free time Flavio has matured the idea of creating the PURPOSE RUNNERS in order to remain inserted in the runners universe. Inspired by his earlier projects Flavio had the idea of people being able to run and help at the same time hence came the idea of Purpose Runners Foundation, running for a purpose.

Flavio s primary goal in life is to trust in the Lord with all his heart and soul not to lean on his own understanding but in all his ways acknowledge Him and allow Him to guide his path to serve and contribute to a better world with the power of love and hope.

Privacy Policy

Purpose Runners Foundation appreciates our donor’s support and respects their privacy The Purpose Runners Foundation does not sell or trade any donor information. To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy and ensure the correct use of information, Purpose Runners Foundation has in place appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information received from donors. The credit card and personal information provided by the donor is used only to process the donation or fulfill a request for information and w ll not be disclosed sold, traded, rented or otherwise revealed to the personnel of Purpose Runners Foundation or any third party without the consent of the donor

If a donor does not wish to receive communications from Purpose Runners Foundation, the donor may opt to remove their name from the Foundation mailing list. For legal and accounting purposes, donor records will remain in the organization database, but the donor will no longer receive mailings from Purpose Runners Foundation. To exercise this option, the donor should send their request by letter or email to Purpose runners Foundation.

Any question or concerns about these policies should be directed to Purpose Runners Foundation please call us at 862-215-4343 or send us an email at [email protected] com

Contact Us

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